Adept IT Solutions – Superannuation targeted scams reported

April 6, 2020

Scammers are now trying to exploit Australians financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with new superannuation scams being reported to Adept IT Solutions and Scamwatch in recent weeks.

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Superannuation targeted scams reported

Scammers are already trying to take advantage of the Government’s recent announcement that people suffering financial hardship can have partial access to their superannuation from mid-April.

Scammers are cold-calling people claiming to be from organisations that can help you get early access to your super.
For most people, outside of their home, superannuation is their greatest asset and you can’t be too careful about protecting it.

The Australian Taxation Office is coordinating the early release of super through myGov and there is no need to involve a third party or pay a fee to get access under this scheme.

As we always say, “Never follow a hyperlink in emails to reach websites.” Instead, you should always type the full name of the website into your browser yourself.

In most cases the scammers are seeking to obtain personal information, including information that will help them fraudulently access the victim’s superannuation funds.

Be wary of callers who claim to be from a government authority asking about your super.
Hang up and call the organisation directly by doing an independent search for their contact details online.

If you have provided information about your superannuation to a scammer, immediately contact your superannuation institution.
If you have provided personal or banking details, you should also contact your financial institution.

As a client of Adept IT Solutions, you have access to a highly specialised IT Service and Support team whom are able to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you ever have any doubt about the legitimacy of a phone call, website or email, please contact us at and a friendly security specialist will assist you further.

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