Adept IT Solutions endorses STEM in partnership with NSW Education

May 19, 2021

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Last month Adept IT Solutions and Cube Voice and Data assisted the filming of an NSW Department of Education government workshop. The video, of which featured Daniel Proctor, Mathematics Advisor for NSW Department of Education, discussed the importance of interpreting and representing data. This video was showcased at the online event STEM2021. The event designed to assist teachers with new teaching techniques to increase class interaction and student learning. Daniel in his video identified the challenges of teaching data to students and provided statistics and arithmetic activities to develop student skills. These skills increase students Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics abilities and encourage them to critically think about real world problems. Once developed these skills can be applied to a professional engineering environment.

The video filmed at The Data Depot and in conjunction with Cube Voice and Data, presented students with an example of where STEM can take them, highlighting the importance of developing data proficiency at an early age.
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Adept IT Solutions believes in the importance of supporting projects like this as they showcase the skills we, as a business, implement on a daily basis.

You can watch Daniel’s video here;

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