IT Compliance & Auditing

IT Compliance & Auditing

Have you ever wanted to know if your existing IT Company or internal IT Team have implemented systems that protect your company against risks?

At Adept IT Solutions, we can provide you the peace of mind to know the answer to this question.

We offer a unique IT compliance and Auditing service that assesses your company and recommends more secure, cost effective and information sensitive methods to keep your company compliant and safe.

Did you know if you have a data breach you are responsible for the breach?

Under the OAIC (Office of Australian Information Commissioner) the Privacy Act 1988 any organization that has reasonable grounds to believe a data breach has occurred they have a duty to inform the effected parties that such breach has happened.

A data breach could be mitigated with our ISO27001 IT Compliance and Auditing Services.

Adept IT Solutions is specialised in implementing the best solution for your needs.

On request, our compliance team can assess your IT Ecosystem, illustrating areas that need to be addressed and recommend measures to be implemented to further minimise risk of a data breach.

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