IT Communications

IT Communications

Effective IT Communications are fundamental to any companies services. Ensuring your clients can easily get in touch with your business is imperative to any business.
Adept IT Solutions provides a professional offering of enterprise and business
grade communications packages.

We can provide a range of solutions including;

·        High Speed Internet (both NBN and Fibre)

·        Hosted Phone Solutions

·        On-Premise Phone Solutions

·        Mobile phones

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet allows you to easily enable your staff to use the internet
efficiently, especially for cloud-based services and other data sharing methods. In an increasing online environment, high speed internet also allows
for video conferencing at high quality and low lag. High Speed Internet means
that your business can keep up with emerging technologies enhancing your
digital footprint.

Hosted and On-Premise Phone Solutions

Hosted and On-Premise Phone Solutions ensure your customers and clients have access to contact you both inside and outside of office hours. These technologies can furthermore allow for call routing, call queuing, call recording, and multiple call hosting to name a few.

Hosted Phone Solutions also allow you to answer and make calls on your compatible Apple or Android devices as if you were sitting at your desk in the office.

Phone solutions can include premium quality inbound services, which is most often recognized by 1300 & 1800 numbers. This allows you to translate numbers
into ‘phone words’ making your number more memorable. This memorable number givers a professional edge to your business, improving your image and your customer experience.

Mobile Phones

Business mobile phones allow your company to create a flexible phone service that can let your staff be contacted wherever they are. This is especially beneficial for Sales staff as they are constantly out of office. We can recommend a package to suit your needs and meet your exact expectations and requirements. In introducing or upgrading your mobile devices we can recommend 5G capable devices that allow you to have better coverage and faster data speeds, ensuring all communication is swift and exceptional quality. 

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