Adept IT Solutions – Beware of online shopping scams this holiday season

November 24, 2020

With the holiday season fast approaching Adept IT Solutions recommends we are all extra diligent when accessing emails or shopping online.

Sometimes we get a little complacent with our technology and forget that scammers are always trying new ways to access our data.

Adept IT Solutions - Beware of online shopping scams this holiday season - Adept IT Solutions | IT Service and Support Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast
Adept IT Solutions – Beware of online shopping scams this holiday season

The most obvious attack of course is through emails containing links which are trying to trick you to hand over personal or financial information.
Best rule of thumb here is to never click any link within any email if it can be avoided.
Always manually open the website from your internet browser if possible.

As always, if you have any doubt about the legitimacy of an email, please forward the email as an attachment to and our team of security specialists will analyse the email and update you accordingly.

There is also another scam which is growing fast…fake shopping websites.
This scam is where scammers create fake websites that look like genuine online stores, offering products at very low prices and victims will either receive a fake item or nothing at all.

According to Scamwatch, reports of online shopping scams involving consumer goods, such as shoes, phones, computers and toys, continue to be high.
The most common thing people were trying to buy when they were scammed was puppies and other pets.

When shopping for gifts online, many search results will appear, so, if you have never heard of the shopping site before, be careful as this may be a fake site.
Watch out for popular products being sold at prices much lower than on other websites and sellers requesting payment through direct bank transfer or cryptocurrency.
Do your research by checking independent reviews of online stores or the seller’s history on classified websites.

Your Adept IT Solutions Managed Service Provider security protection detects fake sites that have been flagged as fraudulent however you still need to be aware that some fake sites may be brand new and have not been flagged as fake yet.
Adept IT Solutions recommend sticking with the major online shopping outlets that have a buyer protection policy and are well known in the industry.

As always, Adept IT Solutions team of security specialist are here to assist you.

If you ever have any doubt about the legitimacy of a phone call, website or email, please contact us at and a friendly security specialist will assist you further.

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