Adept IT Solutions – Say hello to our new staff!

March 22, 2021

Great news!

Adept IT Solutions have been lucky enough to experience unprecedented growth over the past year.
As a result we have had a significant intake of new staff and promotions.

Today we would like to introduce new staff members and changes to our existing staff!

We have hired three new staff specialised in administration, digital media and business development.

Caitlin is our ‘Office Administrator’, her primary role is overseeing daily business activities. Caitlin is in charge of various bookkeeping activities, answering phones, liaising with our partners, providing assistance with recruitment, ensuring a prompt and correct delivery of stock, WH&S compliance, HR, payroll, and managing client payments.

“I am happy to be an employee of Adept IT Solutions. I am enjoying being our clients first contact for anything accounts related.”

Cordelia is our ‘Digital Media Officer’, she oversees all online marketing strategies and content creation. Her role is primarily web based however she will branch over into physical marketing combining her previous advertising experience and her Information Technology degree.

“I am excited to be a part of the Adept IT Solutions team and look forward to getting started on creating content beneficial to our clients and business.”

Adept IT Solutions is also excited to announce we have hired our new ‘Business Development Manager’.
Our BDM will be commencing in mid-April, with a focus on strengthening the relationships with our existing client base and implementing their wide skillset to grow our client base.

We have also promoted two existing staff members into senior management roles:
Nick as ‘Technical manager’ and Chris as ‘Operations Manager’.

Nick’s role will assess all technical requirements and responsibilities for our clients and our staff within Adept IT Solutions. This includes training, diversifying and upskilling staff members, assisting with the recruitment of staff, reporting, delegating jobs and responsibilities, and ensuring we are meeting company standards.

Chris as our ‘Operations Manager’ will supervise and ensure company operations are meeting our clients SLA’s & KPI’s. He will be responsible for maintaining our support desk and quality of service whilst improving Adept IT Solution’s efficiency.

Adept IT Solutions is rapidly growing in part due to our fantastic, passionate team. Adept IT Solutions are ready to assist our clients in any way that we can.

We want to grow our team even more and are currently actively looking for two new IT Support Engineers.  Why not get in touch and become a part of the team today.

Please feel free to contact us on 1300 4 23378 (ADEPT) or 04888 23378 (ADEPT) or email us at

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