Adept IT Solutions – How to Avoid SPAM Text Messages in 3 Ways

September 3, 2021

Have you been receiving confusing text messages lately?

You are not alone.

Adept IT Solutions have been monitoring the influx of SPAM SMS messages circulating around Australia.

Recently there has been an increase of SPAM SMS messages, this is primarily due to a generated Malware called ‘FluBot’. The SPAM message contains a jumble of numbers and letters and includes a malicious hyperlink. Once the hyperlink is clicked on it distributes the SPAM to other phone numbers harvested from your contacts list, as well as prompting to download a malware application.

Here is an example of what these SPAM SMS messages look like:

Adept IT Solutions - How to Avoid SPAM Text Messages in 3 Ways - Adept IT Solutions | IT Service and Support Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast

If you’ve received one of these SMS messages, do not open the link.

If you have received and clicked the link, please contact Adept IT Solutions immediately and one of our qualified security team members will assist further.

This malware in particular only effects Android phones, however, it is a reminder for all mobile phone users to be vigilant.

How to avoid SPAM text messages?
  1. If you see any SMS message that looks odd, make sure to delete the text message before clicking on any links. Additionally you can block the phone number, and, on some mobile devices, mark the SMS message as SPAM. When this is done the SMS message will be removed from the messages you normally see when opening the Messages application.
  2. Make sure you only give your phone number out to legitimate people and services. It is safe practice to question any website, email or SMS message that prompts for personal information or has suspicious hyperlinks.
  3. Protect yourself with anti-virus applications. Did you know that you can put anti-virus software onto your phone? Adept IT Solutions can assist you in finding a suitable anti-virus solution, that can assist with filtering SPAM SMS messages.

What to do if you have clicked on malicious content using a work device?

Adept IT Solutions is well equipped to assist you if you have accidently clicked on something malicious, including fraudulent emails and SMS messages.

Our preventative maintenance system and our ISO27001 permitter security gateway will also minimise any potential threats before they have the ability to affect your system.

Adept IT Solutions Managed IT Support can minimise any downtime your organisation may face due to malicious attacks.

Please feel free to contact Adept IT Solutions on 1300 4 23378 (ADEPT) or email us at

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