Adept IT Solutions – New Cybersecurity Awareness Education and Training

November 19, 2021

Adept IT Solutions is excited to announce that we now offer a comprehensive variety of IT Cybersecurity and Policy Awareness Education to train employees in Cybersecurity and Compliance standards.

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of any business, protecting the private data of organisations and their clients from malicious attacks.

Continuous education is a necessary tool to train employees proficiently in both cybersecurity risks, such as phishing attacks and ransomware awareness, and essential business policies. It is critical that businesses not only inform their employees about appropriate cybersecurity practice but to ensure employees can put this knowledge into effect. Regularly confirming cybersecurity risk incurred by employees is as low as possible reduces the chances of a security event or incident. This can reduce events that could incur significant reputational cost as well as expenditure to repair any damage via the employment of an IT support agency, or other provider.

Adept IT Solutions’ online Cybersecurity training platform provides an educational platform unmatched by our competitors. Our intuitive, tailored product can be personalized to the requirements of your business, ensuring that you have a custom product that educates your employees about targeted threats within industry sectors.

Unique to other policy platforms, Adept IT Solutions can offer a variety of training tailored directly to your needs.

We specialize in ‘Cybersecurity Awareness Training’, ‘Simulated phishing’ and ‘Policy Management’. The following before and after images indicate examples of Cybersecurity Awareness training results and the positive outcome of such targeted training.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Training
Gap Analysis Report BEFORE Training
Cybersecurity Awareness and Training
Gap Analysis Report AFTER Training
Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Adept IT Solutions’ Cybersecurity Awareness Training will provide your business with a detailed gap analysis, identifying and tracking individual risk areas for each participating employee. Once the system has collected this information, Adept IT Solutions’ Cybersecurity Awareness Training can provide your company with detailed monitoring and reporting. This will allow managers to see and understand employees progression, track overall performance and demonstrate compliance throughout all levels of your business.

This training ensures that your employees can identify and report threats with an understanding of the associated potential security risks.

Simulated Phishing

Adept IT Solutions’ Simulated Phishing platform has the ability to send out simulated phishing emails. These emails utilise realistic templates to create a practical assessment, enabling a real world test of employee training. These emails are entirely harmless but provide a simulated example of the types of activities and information that hackers would attempt to harvest from your employees. Simulated Phishing provides a safe method for the practical assessment of employees and whether they illustrate a real risk to your business.

Policy Management

Adept IT Solutions’ Policy Management allows businesses to centralize and digitize your policies, this ensures that they can easily be rolled out, amended, and securely stored. Policies can be automated to send reminders to employees on a periodic basis.

If you would like to know more about our cutting edge Cybersecurity Awareness & Training platform, please feel free to contact Adept IT Solutions on
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