Tamworth IT support from Adept IT Solutions

June 8, 2023

Recently, the Adept IT Solutions team took a road trip to Tamworth to support one of our valued clients.

When it comes to providing service to our clients, our team always goes above and beyond and travel the distance to ensure we can be of assistance. No matter where the location of the business, or where the work a client requires to be completed is taking place. 

The city of Tamworth is an area seeing significant growth in population, reaching 64,459 in June 2022 according to the Tamworth Regional Council. As a result, the area is seeing demand for additional businesses and services to support the growing region, including IT support from companies such as Adept IT Solutions.

Adept IT Solutions travel to Tamworth
Adept IT Solutions travel to Tamworth

What did the trip to Tamworth involve?

The Adept IT Solutions team were contacted by one of our valued clients who was planning to open a brand-new franchise located in the Tamworth area.

Our team are well regarded by the client as we had previously designed and deployed network infrastructure for them at other franchise locations in the past. We also provide them ongoing regular support for their IT queries and needs.

As part of the network infrastructure deployment, user devices such as computers, printers and scanners were to be configured and installed. The team at Adept IT Solutions also worked with third party vendors to schedule, roll out and test everything that was required for the new franchise to operate efficiently and successfully.

Adept IT Solutions travel to Tamworth
Adept IT Solutions travel to Tamworth

What steps did Adept IT Solutions take during the rollout?

Adept IT Solutions have a five-step action plan when it comes to ensuring a rollout goes smoothly and efficiently. Below are the five action steps we took to complete the rollout:

  1. Strategic IT planning: the Adept IT Solutions team are practiced when it comes to delivering IT Strategic Plans. The trip to Tamworth was no different. We worked alongside our clients to develop and implement a Service Level Agreement before ensuring the requirements of the rollout outlined in the agreement were effectively actioned. We also kept in close contact with them throughout every step of the process so they could stay informed.
  2. Configure: Before travelling to Tamworth, our team completed the configuration of the network and each of the user devices required to be installed for the client.
  3. Installation: Once all the devices required by the client were connected, rolled out and in place, the team ensured all the relevant software was ready to go to meet the client’s needs to operate their business.
  4. Testing: The team adequately tested each of the devices onsite, to ensure they were working and operating efficiently ready for the new Tamworth franchise to open.
  5. Follow up: After the team returned home from the trip to Tamworth and installation, which they completed within one day, they gave the client a follow up call to ensure everything was working smoothly prior to the franchise opening. Remote support was made available to the client in case it was required in the lead up to or after the new franchise opened to the public.

Adept IT Solutions can support clients in Tamworth or wherever help is needed

The Adept IT Solutions team are well versed in completing network rollouts or IT support wherever and whenever it is needed. In addition to Tamworth, our team have also completed similar rollouts in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

If you have a business located in the Tamworth area, regional New South Wales or a local Newcastle, Hunter and Lake Macquarie based business who are planning to expand out of area, contact our friendly IT team on 1300 4 23378 (ADEPT) or email us at info@adept-it.com.au and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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