Adept IT Solutions: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

March 8, 2024

On March 8th, 2024, Australia and the world will be celebrating International Women’s Day. This is a global celebration held annually as a focal point in the women’s rights movement still ongoing to this day.

International Women’s Day is a chance for businesses and individuals alike to give focus to ongoing issues such as gender inequality, whilst also celebrating the achievements seen throughout recent years especially.

Adept IT Solutions is incredibly proud of the women in our workforce, and the outstanding contributions and service they provide to the company and our clients.

So why not shine the light on them today especially?

International Women’s Day: Meet our Team

dannika and bec adept it solutions international women's day
Dannika (left) and Rebecca (right) in our Cameron Park office

Dannika Moore – Office Manager

Dannika Moore currently holds the position of office manager at Adept IT Solutions. Having been on the team since February 2022, originally a part of the administration team, Dannika has provided invaluable support and dedication to the team.

Starting her career in childcare, Dannika is no stranger to problem solving and having to adapt to evolving situations at a moments notice. These skills have been crucial to the success seen within her position at Adept IT Solutions.

Throughout her time here, Dannika has transitioned from the admin area, into the position of Office Manager, showcasing just how important her contribution has been over the past couple of years.

Outside of work, Dannika enjoys the company of her friends and family, spending time away from work relaxing alongside them. Fitness is also an important part of her lifestyle, frequenting the gym on a daily basis. Getting away from the computer screens at work, Dannika also enjoys camping and enjoying the outdoors.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we here at Adept IT Solutions are thrilled to have Dannika as a vital part of the business, and look forward to many more years working together, helping our staff provide high quality IT support to our customers in Newcastle and beyond.

Rebecca Boyle – Customer Success Manager

Starting in 2022, Rebecca Boyle is our customer success manager, ensuring that all our valued clients are experiencing positive outcomes within our services here at Adept IT Solutions. When asked for her thoughts on International Women’s Day, Adept’s current position, and what it means for her personally, this is what Rebecca had to say:

“Being part of a team has allowed me to grow. Both professionally and personally.”

“Adept IT is a supportive environment, that strives for agility in the workplace. Each of us is given an equal opportunity to flourish and we are encouraged to learn new concepts from our other team members who have a very different skill set.”

“I have known Paul for many years, however, joined Adept IT Solutions returning to work as a new mum. Adept thrives on rewarding hard work and commitment to gender diversity within the office, we each have flexibility within our roles and mentoring programs to promote women’s career progression.”

“Returning to work as a working woman, and a mum has been a remarkable journey. It has filled my heart with awe and gratitude. Initially, I struggled to reconcile my role as a mum, and a professional. However, with the support of the Adept team, it was and continues to be, a beautiful journey.”

“I quickly realised motherhood would gradually bring incredible benefits to my career. Each day, I am presented with a unique opportunity to navigate the complexities of caring for a family, while continuing to flourish in my career.”

“International Women’s Day 2024 is extra special this year, with the theme to inspire a more inclusive world for women.”

We here at Adept IT Solutions are incredibly proud of the commitment and hard work that both Dannika and Rebecca put into the business.

Whilst International Women’s Day is often seen merely as a single day in which these efforts can be celebrated, it should be at the forefront of people’s minds to acknowledge and appreciate the work of women in business.

Happy International Women’s Day to all!

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