How Reliable Managed IT Services can Improve Customer Experience Levels for your Business

May 28, 2024

For business owners today, there are several factors that can be taken into account for determining if their business is successful or not. One of the most important factors is customer experience.

Customer experience can be the difference between a growing, thriving business, and one that fails to expand whatsoever.

Managed IT services can be hugely influential in ensuring that the customer experience for businesses is exceptional. Whilst Managed IT services may not have a direct connection to the customers themselves, it is the IT support provided that ensures business success.

Throughout this blog, we will explore how managed IT services can improve customer experiences for business, through infrastructure, cybersecurity, streamlined operations, cost savings, and much more.

Managed IT Services: IT Infrastructure

managed it services IT infrastructure laptop with ethernet cables on a laptop with fibre optic cables

Managed IT Services provide businesses with the necessary support and maintenance required to support a business and their systems. A business without the necessary setup in IT infrastructures for staff especially, can lead to inefficiencies throughout the daily processes.

Managed IT services can provide a number of services to businesses, from Microsoft 365 setup and support, online helpdesk support, IT compliance and auditing, cloud-based solutions and server monitoring.

If your staff are not set up to succeed, your customer support and customer experience levels will suffer as a result. Instilling managed IT services allows businesses to focus on what truly matters to them, being the growth and expansion of their organisation.

Here at Adept IT Solutions, our managed IT support is second to none, with a passionate and committed team focused on ensuring that your IT service needs are met at the highest of standards, offering a Preventative Maintenance Service Level Agreement uptime through business hours.

Managed IT Services: Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity has become one of the most important factors within a modern-day business. In Australia especially, the Australian Government reported in the ASD Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023 a number of increases in cyberattacks, further emphasising the need for managed IT services and cybersecurity for business.

The ASD Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023 reported the following:

Managed IT services aim to provide a cybersecurity standard that prevents cyberattacks from having an impact on businesses. 5 common types of cyberattack are:

Adept IT Solutions, through our managed IT services, provides employee security training and awareness programs, ensuring that all staff are more aware of potential cyberattack signs.

As well as this, complying with cybersecurity regulations is crucial for modern-day business. Adept IT Solutions’ managed IT support also comes with the service of ensuring that all businesses are compliant with all regulations.

Instilling managed IT support allows your business to leave all cybersecurity and IT services to the professionals, who have the experience and know-how to ensure your system is in safe hands. Customers benefit from this as they can build trust with a business, with the knowledge that any sensitive information that is required from their side is kept safe and away from hacker’s grasps.

Managed IT Services: Streamlined Operations

managed it services staff members around a table in meeting streamlined operations

Yet another benefit of instilling managed IT services into your businesses’ operations is the ability to streamline operations. Efficient business operations are essential for providing customers with an excellent experience.

With customer experience being of utmost importance for a businesses’ success, streamlining operations to assist with daily operations is incredibly important.

An example of managed IT services streamlining operations is proactive monitoring and maintenance of systems within a business. Rather than IT support that is reactionary, proactive monitoring allows for systems to stay online and working as intended. This minimal downtime allows for customers to experience the levels of service that they deserve, with minimal labour invested from the business itself, as the IT support has it covered.

Providing an IT helpdesk with technical support is another avenue for streamlined operations within managed IT support. Having a centralised IT support system allows businesses to quickly contact support staff for any tasks that are required, to be completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Managed IT Services: Cost Savings

managed it services cost savings image of clock with time to save money on a sticky note

Cost savings is music to business owner’s ears. Implementing managed IT services is an effective way of bringing costs down within a business. By reducing IT costs, businesses can then reinvest the savings back into enhancing the customer experience.

As a part of managed IT support, reducing downtime is one of the most important factors of the IT services provided. By minimising downtime, and ensuring that systems are always online and operational, businesses will reduce any costs associated with lost productivity or inability for consumers to purchase items/services.

With the implementation of managed IT services, your IT requirements are handled, and therefore there is no need to hire in-house IT support. This not only allows your business to save on a salary, but also the costs associated with advertising the position, interviewing, hiring, training, and ongoing upkeep. This will allow businesses to invest further into customer-facing components, such as customer service positions.

Ultimately, the more cost savings experienced by a business through managed IT services, the better the customer experience will end up being. A more refined focus on customers, as well as reducing downtime, will allow businesses to thrive and focus on the growth and expansion of their organisation.

Managed IT Services: Future Proofing and Scalability

managed it services future proofing and scalability image of a person on laptop with a graph going up

Managed IT services focus on future proofing and scalability for businesses. The landscape of IT support is constantly evolving currently, and businesses must adapt to the growing customer expectations.

Managed IT support focus on ensuring that businesses are set up for success in the here and now, but also into the future, providing proactive support and recommendations, rather than reactionary.

Managed IT services provide scalable solutions that can grow with the business. This means that as customer demand increases, businesses can easily expand their IT support capabilities without significant disruptions.

Managed IT service providers have a team of experts with specialised knowledge in various areas of IT support. This expertise ensures that businesses are always up to date with the latest trends and best practices, helping them stay competitive and deliver cutting-edge customer experiences.

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