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August 23, 2021

Technology has revolutionized the way that organisations operate and interact with clients and customers.

This is no different for Not For Profit’s.

Now more than ever, Managed IT Service providers like Adept IT Solutions can transform the way Not For Profit Organisations interact with their clients.

Adept IT Solutions Managed IT Services can assist your Not For Profit Organisation through minimising ongoing IT Service and IT Support costs.

Adept IT Solutions Managed IT Services allow Not For Profit companies to have low IT maintenance costs. By lowering these costs, Not For Profit’s can focus on investing revenue into more suited purposes relative to their causes.

Adept IT Solutions can assist Not For Profit’s in a variety of ways

Adept IT Solutions can:

  • Help your organisation obtain government funding, and give you access to cost effective or even free software which is available to Not For Profit’s.
  • Provide you with collaborative business tools to further engage staff and offer remote working environments, growing your organisation beyond traditional offices. This would benefit a complete or partial remote workforce as well as staff requiring fast, remote access to a secure IT structure.
  • Rectifying security and data risks and ensuring you company is compliant with Australian standards. Did you know security and compliance legislation and privacy legislation affect Not For Profit’s too? Adept IT Solutions can conduct an IT Compliance and Audit assessment to check for flaws within your current security and provide specialized IT security and IT compliance recommendations.
  • Recommend more focused IT Support and IT Services designed specifically for Not For Profit’s.
  • Implement technology designed to assist with Zero Contact Requirements in certain organisations.
  • Create a personalised cloud based solution that makes use of our multiple Data Centres. Adept IT Solutions Data Centres are Australian based, have IT Support on call 24/7/365, and most importantly easily scalable to the needs of your company.
  • Assist with any IT Support and IT Service enquiries quickly through our dedicated ticketing system and attentive phone support line.
  • Assist with actualising digital marketing methods. Not For Profit’s are using a variety of digital marketing techniques to grow awareness of their philanthropic work. These efforts can be directly supported with website design, hosting and SEO specialization offered through Adept IT Solutions. We can make sure your messages are being clearly communicated through digital applications and integrating social media approaches.

Interested in discussing how Adept IT Solutions can assist with your IT Service and IT Support requirements for your Not For Profit Organisation?

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